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Albuquerque Ranked 9th Best Travel Value by Hotwire

Orlando Tops the Hotwire 2012 Travel Value Index Study of Best U.S. Destinations for Your Vacation Dollar

Florida is an Overall Value State for Spring Break and Summer Travelers while Charlotte and Albuquerque Make their Debut

PR Newswire
Mar 6, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Hotwire.com®, a leading discount travel site, today announced the results of its seventh annual Hotwire® Travel Value Index study, naming Orlando, Fla. as the top 2012 destination where you can get the most vacation for your money. Just in time for spring break and the summer travel season, the Hotwire Travel Value Index showcases the top 10 cities where consumers planning their next trip can find the best combination of value, entertainment options and attractions throughout 2012. This year’s index is dominated by Florida cities, making it an overall value state, while newcomers Charlotte and Albuquerque offer low prices to make their way into the top 10.

The Hotwire Travel Value Index is based on a statistical model combining both in-house and third-party research. Hotwire evaluates the top 75 U.S. leisure markets, rating them across three individual categories to generate an overall ranking for consumer vacation value. The formula includes:

    --  Low prices on air, rental car and hotel (50 percent of overall score)
    --  Discounts on air, rental car and hotel (25 percent of overall score)
    --  Affordable entertainment (25 percent of overall score)

“Spring and summer break isn’t just for the kids; people of all ages want to be able to take advantage of good weather and enjoy the relaxation of being on vacation, and they want to do so without over spending,” said Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group. “Over the years, we’ve found that our Travel Value Index can help point folks towards even deeper discounts than they may have thought possible. By targeting the best values, travelers can take more trips throughout the year while staying within their annual budget.”

Orlando, Fla. takes first place on the 2012 Travel Value Index after maintaining its presence as a value destination over the last four years. The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park further raised the entertainment value of a city already known for family fun. Tampa and Miami also make returns to the list this year for their low prices and entertainment options, making Florida an overall value state for travelers.

Charlotte, N.C. and Albuquerque, N.M. are two new cities to earn the title of value destination, each making their debut on the Travel Value Index for their overall low prices. Nicknamed “The Queen City,” after Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, Charlotte is also ranked as one of the top 100 places to live by CNNMoney because it combines the excitement of a bustling metropolis with good old fashioned southern charm. The other new city, Albuquerque, is the epicenter of Southwestern culture, and is widely recognized as one of the most diverse cities in the country. Visitors must take advantage of the excellent weather, outdoor adventures, skiing and the world’s most photographed event, the International Balloon Fiesta in October.

The majority of the cities on this year’s list were found to be value destinations in 2011 as well. Slipping a little into second and third place this year, Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth continue to offer great deals and low prices to travelers. Houston received an overall Travel Value Index score of 93 mostly for its discounts, followed by Phoenix which earned an overall score of 92 mostly because of its entertainment offerings. Meanwhile, Denver, a fantastic option for travelers seeking outdoor adventure, maintains its presence at seventh place for the second year in a row.

According to the Hotwire Travel Value Index, the top 10 U.S. destinations for value vacations in 2012 include:

    Rank/City     Overall TVI Rating   Rank Last Year Highest Scoring Category
    ---------     ------------------   -------------- ------------------------
     Orlando, FL                   100              3 Entertainment
     Atlanta, GA                    98              2 Discounts
     Worth, TX                      97              1 Discounts
     Houston, TX                    93              6 Discounts
     Phoenix, AZ                    92              5 Entertainment
     Tampa, FL                      91              4 Low Prices
     Denver, CO                     84              7 Entertainment
     NC                             80            N/A Low Prices
     NM                             79            N/A Low Prices
     Miami, FL                      79              9 Entertainment

For over 10 years, Hotwire has worked with hotels, airlines and car rental companies to fill unsold inventory. As a result, Hotwire offers travelers amazing deals, every day of the year, across a variety of markets. Through Hotwire’s deep understanding of the industry and unique relationships, consumers have been able to save millions of dollars on all their travel needs.

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