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Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta
Sep 22 – Sep 29 all-day

The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta is an annual five-day weekend of events featuring the culinary artistry found in Santa Fe, New Mexico’s many excellent restaurants coupled with the sophistication and wines of national wineries.

By bringing 90 national wineries to Santa Fe to partner with 75 of Santa Fe’s best restaurants, a five day schedule of food and wine events is created featuring cooking demos, wine seminars, winery luncheons and dinners. The weekend culminates with the Grand Tasting at the Santa Fe Opera where all 75 participating Santa Fe restaurants and all 90 wineries serve samples of their best food and wine.

One event, The SFWC Fiesta Live Auction raises money to sponsor Santa Fe restaurant community events. Proceeds from the live auction help sponsor culinary classes such as restaurant service classes, wine and cooking classes. As well the Live Auction helps sponsor other community events involving our restaurants and chefs such as Santa Fe’s Cooking with Kids program and Santa Fe Restaurant Week.

By reinvesting resources and education into the Santa Fe restaurant community, we serve our mission of the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta – keeping Santa Fe on the map as a world-class culinary destination.

Thank you to all the sponsors, local restaurants and wineries who help to make this happen. And a great thank you to all the food and wine enthusiasts who keep returning to Santa Fe supporting our great restaurants!

2019 Schedule by Date

2019 Schedule by Category

No one under 21 admitted to any event (including infants).

Santa Fe Wine & Cheese Festival – EXPENSIVE @ The Santa Fe Opera
Sep 28 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Grand Tasting, 1:00pm to 4:00pm at SF Opera, $175

The Wine Event with All The Great Santa Fe Restaurants beckons you to spend a glorious fall afternoon at The Santa Fe Opera, featuring tastes from 75 of Santa Fe’s finest restaurants and sips from 100 world-class wineries. The most fun you can have with a wine glass! No one under 21 admitted to any event (including infants)

GRAND Tasting Pass (Early Bird Special only $175 | price after Sept 1st $195 1:00-4:00 pm | Santa Fe Opera | $175 Until September 1st (limit 10)

  • Free continuous shuttles starting at 11:30am from, and returning to, the PERA Building at Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail (with free parking).
  • No Parking available without an electronic Parking Pass. Parking Pass $30​

Santa Fe Opera​

Sat, Sep 28, 2019 | 1:00-4:00 pm | Santa Fe Opera | $175 Until September 1st then $195 (limit 10)​



OMG, I rarely comment on these events and I believe in capitalism, but these prices are outlandish.

  1.  It says the event is at the Santa Fe Opera, but unless they set up tents inside the opera, I am guessing this takes place on the grounds in a tent, i.e. potentially hot
  2. Whether you pay $175 in advance or $195 at the door, this is a 3-hour event.  I couldn’t eat enough caviar or drink enough Dom Perignon in that amount of time to justify a fraction of that price, not that they will be offering Dom or caviar
  3. $30 for parking or be shuttled from some free parking somewhere?  Does that include a car wash and detailing or the use of a 10-20′ space for 3 hours and paying $10 an hour for the priviledge.
  4. Seems to me the 100 wineries and 75 Restaurants are there for the publicity.  They are gaining value and I suspect aren’t given anything for attending, maybe they even have to pay to be there.

So, if you like wasting your money, go for it, but you want catch me there.