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Albuquerque Mural Fest

October 5, 2019 – October 13, 2019 all-day


Mural Fest is New Mexico’s largest public art festival where we Beautify, Unify and Showcase the best of The Land of Enchantment. Established in 2017, we have created more than 90 murals throughout Albuquerque, covering over 50,000 sq/ft, generating over 2 million hits on MuralFest.com, partnered with over 200 local businesses and non-profit organizations as well as The City, County & State all to help make Albuquerque a safer and more beautiful place to raise a family.

Mural Fest is an annual public art festival featuring some of the best local & International muralists & performing artists. We aim to turn Albuquerque into an International Arts District for several weeks every year. Throughout the festival we host several concerts, exhibitions and block parties and offer a space for like-minded organizations to share their good works with our global community. Mural Fest 2019 will take place in late September and run through October aligning with The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta where our beloved city doubles in population.

We use public art as a tool to inspire & celebrate this thing we call life. This is our opportunity to bring our community together and identify the issues we face as a society; homelessness, mental health, education, poverty, crime, global warming, healthy eating habits… Who are we and what direction are we headed? Only together can we move forward and prospor. So lets make some beautiful art, eat some amazing food and groove to some dope music while we build a brighter future for our children!

Come join us on our adventures! Find out how you can be a part of the Mural Fest family, email us today at… info@MuralFest.com

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