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Go-Jii-Yah Feast

Go-Jii-Yah Feast, annual celebration with foot races, powwow and country rodeo – Jicarilla Apache

“Feast Days” at each of the Pueblos are named after the Pueblos’ patron saint.  The Pueblos open up their respective Feast Days to the public (see calendar and etiquette pages) where visitors can view the reverent dances and songs offered on those days.  Feast Days bring tribal members together to renew their culture, language and native religion.  On those days, families prepare food for the many invited visitors coming through their homes, and participate in the activities taking place on their Feast Day. Pueblo Feast Day Dates do not change and are held on the same date each year.

Located by Stone Lake 19 miles (31 kilometers) south of Dulce. Annual celebration includes foot races, pow wow, country rodeo.

Jicarilla Apache Reservation

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