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Las Vegas Fourth of July Fiestas and Las Vegas Days Rodeo

July 4, 2019 – July 7, 2019 all-day
Plaza Park
Las Vegas
NM 87701

Fourth of July Fiestas in Las Vegas is celebrating 131 years  of tradicion, life and culture. The celebration of our Lady of Sorrows.

The City of Las Vegas was once the Capital of New Mexico, a railroad city and the wild west of the southwest. As the state of New Mexico grew, Las Vegas stayed a small City situated on the foothills of the Mountains. The community is rich in history and culture with over 900 historic buildings on the Historic National Registry. They celebrate the history and culture each year with one big celebration called Fiestas de Las Vegas.

The history of the Fiestas dates back to 1888 as celebration for the farmers to have water and good crops for the season. Today, thousands of people visit the event as the community continues to celebrate. The event draws families, friends and tourists from all over the world and fill every campground, RV park, hotel and motel in the City.

This years Fiestas Committee will include some new events and entertainers as throughout the Fiestas, you will find a carnival, rodeo, Laser Light Show, Mariachis, Parade, Reina Dance and over 20 entertainers!

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