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Los Alamos Summer Concert Series

May 25, 2018 all-day
Los Alamos
NM 87544
Gordons' Concerts
(505) 690-2484

The Torch has been Passed! Abe Gordon and Kara Robertson have booked a full summer of Friday concerts at Ashley Pond.

The FREE Summer Concert Series begins May 25th,
with Dre Z Melodi—on the Pond, 7 to 10pm.

The Summer Concert Series is presented FREE to the public by the County of
Los Alamos and the businesses, professionals, and neighbors in our community.

The Series, has been coordinated and managed for 28 years by Russ Gordon of Gordons’ Concerts. The torch has been passed, and the Concert Series will be managed by Russ’ son and future daughter-in-law, Abe Gordon and Kara Robertson. This series of Friday evening concerts-in-the-park spans the summer from late May through August and is held at Ashley Pond, the centerpiece of Los Alamos.

Each year thousands of residents and visitors take advantage of our beautiful Ashley Pond Park. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy an eclectic variety of talent from rock to blues, jazz, country, Latin, Americana, African & World rhythms and more, including Russian Rokenroll. At the Pond each week you’ll find a variety of hot and cold food and drinks provided by our many vendors.

Don’t miss it!

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