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New Mexico Senior Olympics State Summer Games

New Mexico Senior Olympics is dedicated to provide adults 50+ with opportunities for a healthy active lifestyle. Our mission is to promote physical fitness for seniors statewide: provide year-round opportunities and motivation for adults 50+ to participate in local, state and national games. During the year of 2019,  we will host Health Promotion Events, EnhanceFitness Groups, Indian Game Day (IGD), and Team Tournaments.

New Mexico Senior Olympics Summer Games features over 90 events in 23+ different sports. There are 130+ communities and 22 Local Game Sites across the state encouraging a healthy lifestyle in mature adults 50+ and we encourage our State Senior Olympians to compete with their respected local Senior Games, but all sports/events are open to out-of-state athletes and do not require you to qualify thru locals. New Mexico Senior Olympics also offers State Team Tournaments in Basketball 3 on 3, Softball, and Volleyball, which are also open to out-of-state teams/athletes and do not require you to qualify thru locals. This is the year for the 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana, happening in Albuquerque, NM.

How to get started: At the State Level, Team Tournament registration is open (Basketball 3-on-3, Volleyball, and Softball) click here for more info. Summer Games registration is currently closed.

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