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Summer Family Fun Days

August 31, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Bachechi Center
9521 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Weekly crafts, outdoor activities and experiments will deepen your discovery of the world.

Play, learn and explore with the entire family at Summer Family Fun Days at Bachechi Open Space! Each Sunday from noon to 5pm come out for weekly crafts, outdoor activities and experiments that will deep your discovery of the world. Each week will have a unique craft that you can take home.


J U L Y • Arthropods Abound
Appreciate the arthropods around us by making them a hotel, or help collect data on what insects are outside in the Open Space. Look at under the microscope at a number of specimens or you can hunt for your own to observe.

A U G U S T • Calling all Explorers!
Leave your hesitations at the door and head outside! In this wide-open space, we will guide you through some of the wild and unknown worlds of the park. Climb or crawl, collect data or draw– the goal is to get outdoors, soak in the sun, and discover something new. en bring your inquiries inside where we will put your curiosities to the test.

Starts : Jul 20th 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Jul 20th 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Jul 27th 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Jul 27th 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Aug 3rd 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Aug 3rd 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Aug 10th 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Aug 10th 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Aug 17th 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Aug 17th 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Aug 24th 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Aug 24th 2019, 05:00pm MDT
Starts : Aug 31st 2019, 12:00pm MDT
End: Aug 31st 2019, 05:00pm MDT

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