MountainFilm Festival Tour

January 13, 2018 all-day
Angel Fire Community Center
Angel Fire


Mountainfilm travels year-round and worldwide with a selection of current and best-loved films from the annual festival in Telluride. We present both single-event and multi-day shows, hosted by a wide array of organizations, including schools and colleges, corporations, community groups and theater operators. We are regularly called on by nonprofit organizations to be part of fundraising events. Each year, we select the best short films from our annual festival and make them available to our hosts to select for their shows. Our fee-based structure gives local organizers the ability to set ticket prices, sell local sponsorship packages and conduct raffles to achieve financial and fundraising goals. Each show is emceed by a Mountainfilm presenter who guides the audience through the program, often sharing personal stories from his or her interactions with the filmmaker or the film’s subjects.

Through Mountainfilm on Tour, we touch the lives of over 70,000 people every year and visit more than 150 locations. It’s our way of extending the reach of the annual festival and helping our filmmakers’ inspiring content be seen by audiences who otherwise might never have the opportunity. Check out the Mountainfilm on Tour schedule.

Mountainfilm for Students K-12

Wherever and whenever Mountainfilm is on tour, our mission to educate and inspire reaches beyond theater audiences. With the cooperation of our host-sponsors, we aim to connect with local schools and youth groups by providing free educational film screenings.

For middle and high school students, our playlist focuses on compelling educational and inspirational documentary short films to get students thinking. The playlists are separated by grade level for the purposes of customizing age-appropriate films.
Films in these playlists include education materials developed by teachers to align with national standards. These educational materials are downloadable and include filmmaker and subject interviews, discussion questions, activities and more aimed at engaging students and instructors in dialogue and in-depth exploration of identified topics.
For younger students K-4th grade, we offer a fun, engaging playlist with light educational content, focused primarily on outstanding, entertaining short films sourced from our festival.
Regardless of the age group, we offer these educational film screenings as a free addition to the host of any scheduled tour show.
If we don’t have a tour scheduled in your town, let us know. We can help arrange a tour show almost anywhere!

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