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Air Race Classic to end in Sante Fe June 23rd

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Air Race Classic
Notice Number: NOTC7214

The Air Race Classic, an all-women, day VFR race, will take place from June 20-23, 2017. The race will begin in Frederick, MD (FDK), and end in Santa Fe, NM (SAF), with eight official stop airports along the route where Racers will stop for fuel or an overnight stay. Racers will do a high-speed, low approach (flyby) for timing purposes at most of the stops, with the first and final timing flybys at airports other than an official stop. A map of the route with stops and flyby locations, plus additional information, is available at www.airraceclassic.org


Race Teams will arrive randomly at each stop or flyby airport during the four days of the race. Before making a flyby, Racers will make 2-3 radio calls on the local CTAF frequency announcing their Team number, distance out, and if they will be landing or continuing after the flyby. NOTAMs will be issued at each flyby airport.


Point of Contact for more information:

Theresa White



The Air Race Classic is the epicenter of women’s air racing. Pilots range in age from 17 to 90 years old. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds including students, teachers, doctors, airline pilots, business owners, professionals and air traffic controllers. Race teams, consisting of at least two women pilots, must fly VFR during daylight hours only and are given four days to make flybys at each en route timing point and then land at the terminus. The race route changes each year, approximately 2,400 statute miles in length. with 8 or 9 timing points.  The race dates for 2017 are June 20th through June 23rd.

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