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Carnaval 2019: with PANdemonium and Odara Dance Ensemble

March 1 – March 2
7:30 pm

The NHCC’s annual celebration of Carnaval is a dazzling spectacle of vibrant dance, engaging music, and beautiful costumes, featuring the band PANdemonium and the Odara Dance Ensemble and showcasing the Carnaval celebrations of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil and New Orleans.

Carnaval, the festive season occurring before Lent in many countries, including Latin American and Caribbean nations as well as parts of the United States, is one of the world’s most widespread celebrations and one of its biggest parties. Among the guidelines that the Performing Arts program has developed, refined, and utilized since 1999 to design its programming and curate its seasons is the provision of a variety of annual programming that is specific to seasons, holidays, and celebrations, as well as culture-specific.

Carnaval was first celebrated at the NHCC in 2002, and has been part of the Center’s regular seasonal programming since 2006, with regular performances by presenting partners Frank Leto & PANdemonium and Pilar Leto & the Odara Dance Ensemble. This year’s Carnaval 2019 marks the 14th annual Carnaval Celebration at the NHCC’s Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts

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