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Cutbow Coffee Named Among Top 50 Coffee Shops in the World

Cutbow Coffee has been named among the TOP 50 COFFEE SHOPS IN THE WORLD by international travel site, Big 7 Travel. Founded in 2017, Cutbow joined the burgeoning scene of local coffee roasters bringing world class coffee to the Albuquerque area. Owner/Coffee Roaster and Albuquerque native Paul Gallegos is a 30 year veteran of the specialty coffee industry, having roasted over 70 million pounds of craft coffee. Paul utilizes a time-honored artisanal approach to the dark art, relying on his senses to determine crucial details of the roasting process with precise accuracy. The Cutbow team of talented baristas prepare consistently delicious specialty drinks with equal aplomb.

The consistency of Paul’s roasts is monitored through the industry standard known as coffee cupping. In this practice, a small amount of coffee is ground and brewed in 6 oz. tasting glasses. The liquor is then loudly and forcefully slurped off a cupping spoon to aerate the coffee over the entire palate at once, allowing retro-nasal senses to inform the overall taste experience. In this manner, critical details of time and temperature can be identified and if necessary, adjusted in successive roast batches. Additionally, tasting notes are taken to share with customers the vast array of flavor profiles available in the world of coffee.

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