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Happy New Year!

Well, not quite so happy.  I am sure you noticed that updates ended at the beginning of November.  The event calendar program by TIMELY was upgraded, but due to a lack of testing, the upgrade made the application susceptible to hackers.  In no time at all they abused the plug-in so severely, it took the whole server down, meaning this domain and many others.

There was one potential solution costing over $200, and since this site has no income, the money simply isn’t there to cover such costs.

This is a reminder to people who use sites like this, that the only revenue is from ads.  If you don’t click on the Amazon, Google, or Groupon links, the site makes no money.  That means the many hours put into the site, the domain name, and hosting are all at the expense of the webmaster.

If you use a site, you enjoy it, why not help that site continue?  Why isn’t anyone using our Amazon links to purchase products like many of you do, sometimes weekly or more often?  If you click on our Amazon banner, no matter what product it is you are going to buy, we potentially earn a little commission that has no effect on what you pay.  So why not take a few seconds to come here first, click on our link, and then make your purchase at Amazon.

Same with Groupon.  Groupon offers discounts for many products and services.  I personally use Groupon multiple times a year, but none of our users are taking advantage of the savings, or you aren’t clicking on our links to make the savings purchase.

I don’t know the future of this site.  I don’t know if TIMELY will fix the problem they caused or not.  I would hate the site to continue in this stagnant manner as it reflects poorly on me.






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