ABQ To Do Visit Albuquerque Visitors Guide

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Happy New Year!

Well, not quite so happy. I am sure you noticed that updates ended at the beginning of November. The event calendar program by TIMELY was upgraded, but due to a lack of testing, the upgrade made the application susceptible to hackers. In no time at all they abused the plug-in so severely, […]

The States that Drink the Most Wine in America

New Mexico finds a way to wiggle it’s way into a lot of “top lists”, this one isn’t so bad 🙂 With more than 40 wineries across the state, the ranking shouldn’t come as a surprise for the state’s oenophiles.

The National Institutes of Health released a report analyzing drinking trends by state, and the […]

Map Showing Most Iconic Drink in Every State – New Mexico, the Margarita

Proud Texans will inform you that their state is bigger than all of France. Alaska, the largest state in America, is reportedly twice that size.

Ours is a country of enormous geographic breadth and diversity, and so, unsurprisingly, drinking preferences vary by state. Using a BuzzFeed Community poll from March 2018, VinePair mapped what readers […]

Map Showing States That Drink The Most Beer in America

America loves beer. We reportedly drink nearly 7 billion gallons of the stuff annually.

How and where we consume, however, varies significantly by state. To get to the bottom of this phenomenon, VinePair culled data from 24/7 Wall St. to see what states drink the most beer. We spent hours poring over the results.

In […]

Air Race Classic to end in Sante Fe June 23rd

FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

Air Race Classic Notice Number: NOTC7214

The Air Race Classic, an all-women, day VFR race, will take place from June 20-23, 2017. The race will begin in Frederick, MD (FDK), and end in Santa Fe, NM (SAF), with eight official stop airports along the route […]

Albuquerque Visitor’s Guide Released

You can go online and request a copy of the new guide to be mailed to you (if you are outside the ABQ area) or you can pick one up if you are in the ABQ area. Click this link to have one mailed to you.

You can instead view their online visitor’s guide by […]

State of Well-Being – A reason to stay in New Mexico

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Poll was conducted to see how satisfied people were in the various states. Surprising to me was that the most satisfied people were in Alaska! Hawaii at number 2 wasn’t a surprise and those people in West Virginia, well, what can I say.

Other than Alaska and Hawaii, you will noticed the […]

Wages needed to live in New Mexico

No, this isn’t about tourist sights and things to see in the state, but might give you the incentive to stay here if you are traveling through, or to consider it as a place to retire.

This Map Shows the Hourly Wage You’d Need to Afford a 2-bedroom Rental in Every State

The government […]