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Rediscover Albuquerque in Southwest: The Magazine

Now is as perfect time as any to take to the skies, and depending on your airline of choice, you just might stumble upon a stunning feature of a certain city as you flip through an airline magazine.

Southwest Airlines features Albuquerque in a thoughtful and inspiring 26-page centerfold spread for their August issue of Southwest: The Magazine. From innovative technology, to education, to craft beer, to art and culture, this particular piece leaves nothing out.

In case you aren’t going to find yourself with an issue of Southwest: The Magazine this month, here are the highlights and fantastic local listings included in this glowing Albuquerque feature.

Albuquerque’s Distinct Neighborhoods

A Hub for Innovation

  • Fat Pipe ABQ
  • BioScience Center

Empowerment Through Education

  • University of New Mexico
  • Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
  • Popejoy Hall
  • Tamarind Institute

Expanding and Timeless Additions

High Desert Luxury

A Taste and Toast of the Southwest

Take to the Skies

Art and Culture

Old Town Adventures

Unmistakable Craftsmanship

Discovering Fun and Outdoor Recreation


Southwest Airline’s feature highlights the tapestry of moving pieces that make Albuquerque’s character so boundless, only reinforcing why Albuquerque should be the next set of plane tickets you purchase for that vacation you’ve been meaning to take. Pick up your copy of Southwest: The Magazine today.


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