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South Valley Dia De Los Muertos y Marigolds Parade & Celebration

26th Annual Dia De Los Muertos y Marigolds
Parade & Celebration

Sunday 2pm,

November 4, 2018

Westside Community Center


“Protect our sacred. 

¡ Lucha Por Lo Que Amas ! “
(Fight for what you love

Dia de Los Muertos is an ancient tradition rooted in Mexico. It celebrates life and honors those who have passed on. Our particular celebration draws its influences from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s early 1900’s portrayal of personalities and professions as skeletons or Calaveras. Posada depicted rich and poor alike as skeletons in ordinary and sometimes outrageous but tragic life settings. Printed sheets would circulate during Dia De Los Muertos festivities where he would seize the opportunity for political satire and comedy. The Posada Calavera always seemed to be laughing, frolicking and up to some kind of mischief.

Come in your best Calavera attire!

Westside Community Center
1250 Isleta Boulevard Southwest
Albuquerque, NM 87105


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