ABQ To Do Visit Albuquerque Visitors Guide

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Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway

This scenic pathway through historic and beautiful Lincoln County is a step back in time. This is the wild west as it really was.
It is one of 26 New Mexico state Scenic Byways, and one of eight of those Byways that have earned National Scenic Byway designation.

NM True TV – Billy the Kid Byway – A great mini road trip from Ruidoso is a drive along the Billy the Kid Scenic Byway. Go back in time to 1855 at Ft. Stanton historic site. Follow in the footsteps of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid in Lincoln County. And don’t miss the beautiful Spencer Theater.

Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway



Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway – twists through time and terrain, contrasting vermilion desert cliffs and snowy alpine peaks, 13 th century stone dwellings and the birth of the Atomic Age in nearly the same breath. Travelers may fish canyon waters at dawn, don snowshoes for a woodland trek, explore ancient Pueblo ruins and view elk crossing an immense volcanic caldera– all in the same day.


Mesalands Scenic Byway

A unique combination of modern day and prehistoric attractions, teamed up with rich scenery and history make this byway a special adventure. It is far from a “Point A to Point B” path, but the meandering is part of its charm.

Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway


Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway – traverses the heart of New Mexico, from the mountains to the plains. It follows old trade routes, rail beds, and footpaths that echo with the hazy activities of yesteryear. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the footsteps of Indians trading life’s necessities, the whistle of a train as it pulls into the station, or the chattering voices of families traveling across the country on Route 66.

Sante Fe Trail National Scenic Byway

This historic route takes several paths across northeastern New Mexico. Each leg of the journey posed hazards and challenges in the 1800s, and offers sightseeing and education today.

Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway



Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway – Named for the rich turquoise deposits found throughout the area, the byway carves through wild rock outcroppings, piñon and juniper-dotted hills, and a couple of delightfully quirky towns. Embark on the byway from the north, just outside of Santa Fe, or from the south, just east of Albuquerque, on NM Hwy. 14. Perfect for a one-way jaunt between the two cities, the 52-mile byway takes only a bit longer to drive than the Interstate highway taken by most travelers.