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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Any local will tell you that October is the most beautiful time of year in New Mexico, made so in large part by the much anticipated sight of colorful balloons punctuating the skyline. During this season, the sky is bluer, the days are gentler, and the mornings crisper — almost as though the landscape has taken a deep sigh — and on the desert’s warm breath sails the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta features many wonderful experiences!
In addition to the magical spectacle of balloons, we showcase some of the most talented performers of our day – most of them local New Mexicans – representing a myriad of styles and genres. We hope you’ll plan to attend Balloon Fiesta for each and every session to enjoy this line-up of world-class talent.

Event Date : Saturday, October 5th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Sunday, October 6th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Monday, October 7th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Tuesday, October 8th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Wednesday, October 9th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Thursday, October 10th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Friday, October 11th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Saturday, October 12th, 06:00am – 08:00pm
Event Date : Sunday, October 13th, 06:00am – 08:00pm

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